20 Odd Objects Found in Human Bodies (Part 3)




Can’t get enough of these odd objects actually found in people? We understand! Finally, the article you have been waiting for, part three is here with the top seven weirdest of the weird objects found in people that should definitely not be there!

Number Seven: A Cassette Tape. In this particular instance, it seems as if some excited fan had swallowed their favorite mix tape. How he got it there in the first place is a mystery to me, but it is only going to be worse coming out of the other side.

Number Six: A Pair of Surgical Scissors. Eighteen months after a surgery, Australian man Pat Skinner was troubled with harsh stomach pains. He went to go see the doctor about the pains and ended up finding the surgical scissors that he lost a year and a half ago.

Number Five: A Light Bulb. Found inside a prisoner by Pakistan doctors, this lightbulb was lodged in the large intestine of the man. Upon questioning, the prisoner had no idea how it got there.

Number Four: Twenty Cobblestones. In an anger induced rage, one girl swallowed 20 cobblestones after her boyfriend had dumped her. She really thought that just eating and drinking would push them out of her system.

Number Three: Some Other Scissors. The scissors, in this case, were borrowed from a friend in China. While using them to clean their teeth, the person accidentally swallowed these scissors when the friend told them a funny joke. Haven’t people learned not to make people laugh with sharp objects in their mouth?

Number Two: A Big Nail. Some guy named Patrick Lawler went to the dentist one day because of a bad toothache. When the dentist proceeded to give him his x-rays, the two got a shock when they found a nail lodged up through the roof of his mouth and into his brain.

Number One: A Lot More Nails. In 2008, a man by the name of Chen Liu was murdered. The cause of death was said to be a nail gun, and when people saw this x-ray they knew what it meant.

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