20 Odd Objects Found in Human Bodies (Part 2)




You were astounded by the first six odd objects that were found in people, and get ready for seven more! These items just keep getting grosser and more ridiculous, and you have just got to see them. But we are not finished yet! Part three of this article is still on its way, with seven more odd objects found in people. They are by far the most bizarre of the bunch, too!

Number Fourteen: A Bent Fork. In this one, it looks like somebody walked right into a fork. Even worse, one of the prongs got caught on the toe. Ouch. What we don’t know is if the other foot has a spoon. Or maybe his hand?

Number Thirteen: A Power Drill. The man in this x-ray image is an unlucky fellow who had an accident with his power drill. Miraculously enough, the man still survived against the odds. How is that even possible?

Number Twelve: A Pair of Sunglasses. Even in your wildest dreams, could you imagine somehow getting a pair of sunglasses in your belly? That is what happened to this person, but it looks like they are going to get their favorite pair back pretty soon.

Number Eleven: A Set of Keys. This x-ray was taken from a 17-month-old baby after he had somehow managed to plunge his mother’s keys into his eye and forehead. Luckily, they were able to fix him back up.

Number Ten: A Knife. These two x-rays show the head of a young man who tried to stop a robbery. Luckily, the hero was still coherent and was back to normal in no time.

Number Nine: The Engagement Ring. As a warning to all the young men out there, this is why you do not put the engagement ring in a cupcake. Or a milkshake, for that matter, like this man did.

Number Eight: A Pair of Pruning Shears. This man was unlucky enough to have an accident with his pruning shears. They were lodged straight through his eye, but he did make it out alive. Hopefully, he had a good explanation for it.

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