20 Odd Objects Found in Human Bodies (Part 1)




There have certainly been numerous cases of odd objects found in human bodies, but our list of the top 20 takes the cake. These objects will make you question the sanity of these people from their odd insides, and even make you question the state of the world we live in. When some of these odd objects were discovered lodged in a human body, it was decided that humanity was all downhill from there. Don’t forget to check back for our sequel articles, part two and part three, to see the remaining top 14 of the oddest objects that were found in people!

Number Twenty: A Big Thermometer. It is hard to believe that this could even be an accident because that is a pretty big thermometer. We can’t imagine that something like that would be easy to get in there. It would be interesting to see the temperature, though.

Number Nineteen: A Whole Grenade. The image is this x-ray, believe it or not, is a whole grenade. Let’s hope it was a dud, or it’s going to get a whole lot more painful than that. This poor soldier deserves a medal.

Number Eighteen: A Set of Silverware. This person had apparently ingested some rather large food utensils. By the looks of it, it is even the full setting. But no plates?

Number Seventeen: A Cell Phone. This particular image was an x-ray taken from an inmate at a prison in San Salvador. In order to take his phone with him, I guess he thought it was a good idea to swallow it. He didn’t even think to swallow a charger.

Number Sixteen: A Spear. It looks like an arrow through the head, but it is actually a lot worse. This x-ray was taken from a teen boy in Florida after experiencing a tragic spear fishing accident.

Number Fifteen: Some Magnets. Seeing a bunch of shiny magnets in the house, an 8-year-old girl thought they were candy and decided to have a snack. She had to be hospitalized quickly to prevent them clumping together. Let that be a lesson to you, kids.

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