1925 Sears kit home in Colorado Springs



I recently came across this historic Sears kit home in my personal home-search in the Colorado Springs area. If my house were to go under contract today – or sometime soon – this is a house I would seriously consider buying!

image from: zillow.com

Built in 1925, the realtor is calling this home a “Sears & Robuck kit home with original stained trim & doors”.

After I read the book The Houses That Sears Built (by Rosemary Thornton) a couple of months ago [see review here], I have had vintage kits homes high on my radar.

image from: zillow.com

I just keep hearing about the sturdy quality of these things and how they were built to last. People who live in historic kit homes, be they Sears Robuck or another company, have only good things to say about them. (i.e. – historic kit homes are the opposite of a money-pit: well-built, well-conceived, easy-to-care-for dwellings).

image from: zillow.com

This one in the central area of Colorado Springs is currently listed at $145,000.

image from: zillow.com

It has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms plus a finished attic space which could be used as a third bedroom.

image from: zillow.com

image from: zillow.com

image from: zillow.com

The home has 1609 square feet and many bonuses:

New top of the line vinyl windows, Kohler fixtures, stackable washer/dryer, Pellet stove and new exterior paint.

– from: http://www.zillow.com

image from: zillow.com

image from: zillow.com

The vintage kitchen just makes me giddy:

image from: zillow.com

I have the highest regard for homeowners who have left their vintage kitchens intact, or only minimally updated them (as opposed to the trend of viciously ripping out an entire old kitchen and plopping in some really expensive new fad thing.)

image from: zillow.com

I’m probably in the minority when I say that since the most important feature in the home these days is the kitchen and its functionality. But since I am a non-cooker, kitchen functionality is not high on my list (sorry mom!)

It’s takes so much flexibility and creativity to make an old kitchen work for today’s lifestyle…

image from: zillow.com

It sure would be nice to have a dishwasher though! (Besides my own two hands!!)

If the kitchen is not big enough for your culinary ventures… there’s always the grill out back:

image from: zillow.com

Check out the vintage-style tub in one of the bathrooms:

image from: zillow.com

It doesn’t say whether that is an original bathtub or not, but look at this 1920’s Sears catalog photo of the “Chippendale Bathroom Outfit” – one of the bathroom upgrades that was offered with these mail order homes:

image from: contractortalk.com

Looks like the same bathtub!

What an all-around great, affordable home.

I’ll put my selfish impulses aside and share the complete listing info with you here.

Now, if only I could get my own house sold!


Things have come to a grinding halt lately around here as far as people viewing our house. I guess the wildfire situation hasn’t helped. There’s been a few showings and the viewers have really liked our house. Unfortunately, they seem to be more lookiloos than serious buyers. (For example, “not quite ready to buy yet” or “have a primary residence they need to sell first”) You know how it goes.

Just for good measure, I’ll post my own house’s listing again here. Feel free to indiscriminately distribute it around the Internet! (I can’t believe people aren’t breaking down my door – at that price!!)

I am a little biased, I’ll admit it, since it is my own house. But I look at A LOT of houses, and comparatively, my house is a pretty darn good deal.

Where are you buyers??????

(just had to put that out there into the universe)


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