1721 Early American Saltbox in Massachusetts



In honor of America’s birthday today I wanted to feature something that really embodies the feeling of old Americana. And what better house than an Early American Saltbox in one of the original colonies?

I don’t think I’ve ever covered a saltbox style home here on House Crazy, but I don’t know what I was waiting for – these things are so intriguing (especially the OLD ones!)

image from: zillow.com

This one can be dated back to the year 1721!

This very rare Early American Saltbox was built and used as a tavern for at least a century.

– from: zillow.com

So not only did this house witness the American Revolution, it also witnessed a whole lot of public drunkiness.

image from: zillow.com

It still actually looks like it could be a tavern of that era! How about those preserved antique details and low, LOW ceilings!

This beautiful old house is currently for sale in Holliston, Massachusetts. The sellers are asking $349,000 for this 3,087 square foot, 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom home.

image from: zillow.com

The kitchen has been updated to modern standards, but still maintains some of the rustic early American ambiance.

image from: zillow.com

While all of the home’s major mechanical systems have been modernized, it does feature seven original fireplaces.

image from: zillow.com

Imagine what a chore it would have been to keep all the fires going during the Massachusetts winters back then. Granted, they did not have the modern distractions that we currently suffer from (television, computers, smart phones) so they could presumably focus all their efforts on survival, rather than surfing the web for funny animal videos on YouTube.

When I look at this home, I think of all the history this old saltbox has seen.

image from: zillow.com

I think of all the people who have lived (and drank) here over the years.

image from: zillow.com

And I think of either, A) how short people were, or, B) how stooped-over they must have been.

For more details on this fascinating historic American home, see the complete listing here.

Happy July 4th!

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