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If you’re anything like Carrie Bradshaw and love your clothes as much as every shopaholic does, you’d also by now have realized that a messy wardrobe can put you off like no other. Oh those lovely LBDs and your favorite summer dress deserve better than being thrown in a corner of a cupboard drawer! And what better way to have your entire enviable wardrobe on display and accessible than a magnificent walk in closet! This would also bring to life all your Narnia fantasies, of wanting to be transported to a magical new world through your closet, only this time, that world would be full of fashionable clothes and shoes *wink*. Walk in closets are the newest trend on the block and converting a routine activity as simple as dressing up into something royal and magnificent. So if you want to feel like a princess and pamper yourself like one, or you want the perfect storage for all your dapper suits and boots, it’s time to give your room an interesting twist and make dressing up fun. Just transform your wardrobe into your own personal boutique, add a pouf or a chandelier to add element Here are 15 enviable walk in wardrobes to inspire your next room makeover:

  1. This pink floored closet for every girly girl out there


If you’re a girly girl and love your pinks, or just appreciate this beautiful colour, this glass door cream and pink walk in closet if sure to win your heart. It has the perfect storage space for all your stuff, jazz it up with a vase of fresh flowers and make your wardrobe feel pretty and pink!

  1. This pristine white mirrored door closet


This mirrored beauty will make you feel glamorous and posh at the least, with the pouf and the fur adding added elegance. Keep it simple and use mirrored cabinet doors to give your closet a fancy and useful finish. Add Victorian candle stands and pearl accents to match the vibe of the room.

  1. This double sharing space saver

cabina 02

If you are pressed for space or maybe just don’t want to part wardrobes with your better half, try a double sharing closet that rests both your clothes as well as your partner’s. It doesn’t get more versatile than this!

12.  This magnificent men’s walk in closet

cabina 01

For all the dapper handsomes out there, this monochrome sliding door beauty can make you feel like a pure gentleman, and bring a classy and sharp vibe to your house. Use elegant and classic accents like a simple dark lamp, and keep the colors to minimum. The wooden and metal combination makes this beautiful space an absolute must have!

  1. This rotating shoe rack that will ‘shoe’ away your space problems


If you think walk in closets are only meant for lavish and spacious houses, think again! Utilizing space using multiple drawers, dividers and rotating shelves like this will not only make your closet look gorgeous, but also save a lot of space in your room. And your shoes look safe and beautiful as well!

  1. This kid’s closet to make your children feel special


If you have a child at your home you will relate to the fact that dressing up plays a very important part of their daily routines. So why not pamper your children to the fullest with a walk in closet that they could pick and choose out of? This pretty princess themed walk in closet will make your little one feel like a little princess and help her see all of her clothes and accessories in one place. Aren’t those little hair bows and ties just adorable?!

  1. This ‘everybody’s a supermodel’ closet


We have heard about closet singers but what about closet supermodels? Feel like a total star on the ramp with this narrow yet stunning closet, revamped using a full length mirror and model worthy lighting. What’s more: Stack your shoes and clothes in parallel to make picking and matching easier each day!

  1. This black and white punk closet room


If you want to go for a bolder look and the minimalist designs just don’t cut it, bring out your personality into your closet by adding character and drama elements like this punk rock chandelier that stands out and gives this walk in closet so much energy. Whether you are a punk rock chic girl or a girly girl, it never hurts to channel your own vibe into the room, and making it your own. Let your creative juices flow and go all out using rugs, accents and chandeliers!

  1. The antique-attic makeover


If you have an attic in your house and it is going unutilized, except for the cobwebs; it’s time to revamp that space in your house and create a magical closet for yourself. Use gold accents and a mirror like this to create an antique effect. Get a shoe-rack or go DIY with a cardboard box, and make full use of the hidden corners of your house. Extra tip: Instead of a full cupboard use a hanging line to create an earthen look and keep your clothes runway ready!

  1. A closet to get lost in


If space provides, recreate this library-worthy magnificent walk in closet and utilize the space to store your never-ending shopping hauls. Use soft lighting to create a magical feel and add separate sections for shoes, jewelry, et al!

  1. This glowing closet that will make your life glow:


Get inspired from this beautiful closet and use paneled background lighting to make your shoes and apparel glow, literally! Step-in in style and feel like a goddess!

  1. The Vanity cum Dress up closet


Add a makeup table and a vanity mirror and desk to make your dressing up and makeup ritual feel glamorous and fun. Add Victorian wallpaper and hanging lights to recreate this beautiful look and feel like a superstar dressing up.

  1. The teal envy


Paint your wardrobe in a jewel color and add a mirror and fancy lighting to create this enviable look and make your closet jazzy and chic. A seater or an ottoman can double as a centerpiece as well as add contrast. Add a pet for added cuteness!

  1. Damsel by the window


This Egyptian color combination with an arched windowsill and seating provides for a beautiful view and brings in natural light in style. The woodwork is finished to perfection and adds to the elegance of this place. Keep it simple with a vase of fresh greens, and some cushions to make the place extra cozy, and this walk in wardrobe becomes totally worthy of a princess!

  1. I have enough shoes -said no one ever.


And finally, here is inspiration for every shopaholic out there who would love themselves a walk in closet. Dream it and achieve it! Make dressing up fun and classy, walk into your closet and pamper yourself with the amazing architecture and design. Happy designing!

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