13 Reasons You Shouldn’t Save Your Vacation Days




Number Thirteen: You’ll Just Throw Away Money. Nearly $53 billion each year is wasted on vacation days. Even though you save them and convince yourself you’ll use them, you’ll probably forget or get caught up in a project.

Number Twelve: You’ll Forget to Use Them. Like we just mentioned, there’s a high likelihood you’ll end up forgetting you have vacation days if you try and save them up. Every year, the average employee loses out on nearly six vacation days.

Number Eleven: You’ll Just End up Wishing You Lived in the Past. A decade ago, the average employee took about five times more vacation days than the average employee today. Don’t waste your life working.

Number Ten: You’ll Regret Not Using Them Sooner. By using your vacation days throughout the year, you’ll improve your health. Men who go on more vacations have a lower risk of heart disease and stroke.

Number Nine: Your Spouse Will Thank You. Your spouse probably appreciates how much you work, but she also wants to spend time with you. Treat her (and yourself) with a nice vacation!

Number Eight: You’ll Stress Yourself Out. Saving vacation days will just make you feel pressure to plan the perfect vacation when it finally arrives. Don’t put extra pressure on yourself – a vacation is supposed to be a vacation, not extra work.

Number Seven: You Don’t Have to Work So Much. Seriously, don’t guilt yourself into staying at work because you feel like you “have” to. You don’t have to. Work is not everything.

Number Six: For the Kids. If you have kids, the vacations you take with them while you’re young are irreplaceable. These are memories that both you and they will remember forever.

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Number Five: To Thank Your Family. If you’re the sole breadwinner in your family, then you probably don’t have to do too much cleaning or cooking around the house. Show your family how much you appreciate them with a vacation!

Number Four: You’ll Have More to Look Forward To. By planning several small vacations, rather than saving up for one large one, you’ll not only feel like you’re doing more, but you’ll have shorter intervals of countdowns. Your downtime will be more tangible.

Number Three: You’ll Feel Loved. Traveling brings an element of romance to your relationship that staying at home just can’t do. Get exotic and have a new experience with the person you care about most.

Number Two: You’ll Have Better Sex. It’s true! Continuing on from the last point, nearly 30% of couples who responded to a survey said their sex lives were improved by going on vacation. It must be all that relaxing (and the margaritas, perhaps?).

Number One: Because Everyone Needs a Vacation! You know what they say – YOLO. And in this case, it’s just so poignantly true. Forget saving those vacation days. You vacation like a boss, because that’s exactly what you are.

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