13 Inspiring Bold Colorful Bathrooms For Those Who Love Color



Before you begin reading this article, just close your eyes for a while and recall the typical mornings that you have every day. From behind the veil of drooping eyes and jaws wide open to yawn, you wake up to the cacophony of the alarm clock and then proceed to perform the daily rituals of the morning. One of the places where we spend majority of our time in the morning is the bathroom. What if your bathroom no longer remained a place just to pour water, but also a place of solace, revitalization and rejuvenation?

Let us take you through a few bathrooms across the world which will absorb you in their magnificent colours.

  1. The raging red!

The morning is a time when you need to start the new day with a gust of energy, determination, passion and excitement. And these are the qualities which ‘Red’ stands for. Colour psychology says that painting the walls of a room red will indeed make you feel more energetic and pumped up to excel. Is there anything better than the colour ‘red’ to fire up your passion and zeal to be at the top of the world? Get your bathroom clad in red to immerse yourself in pool of energy.


  1. The serene white

Don’t worry if you are not interested in fiery red colour. In case you want something peaceful, here we have for you a bathroom draped in white. White is the colour of purity, clarity, innocence and wholeness. To feel contended, pure and clean and to add clarity to your mind, get a bathroom immersed in white and feel the difference yourself. White is a colour that reflects all wavelengths and hence, reflects full force of the spectrum in our eyes, leaving us charged with pristine energy.


  1. The peppy purple

Now, you may be saying that you don’t need the full spectrum reflected to you, but just a part of it. Okay, there you go! Purple, or violet, is the shortest wavelength in visible spectrum. But it takes stands for spiritual awareness, containment, royalty, opulence, genuineness and vision. Purple is one colour that encourages deep meditation and retrospection. Purple is also associated to luxury and is associated to imagination and creativity too. So, if you want to fire up your creative neurons at the start of the day and want to add sophistication to your life, then you know which colour to opt for.


  1. Wooden colour

Being close to nature and that too, at the start of the day – there can be no bigger bliss than this. Wooden coloured tiles, wooden laminates or even wooden walls will not only glamour to your bathroom, but will also bring it straight into the lap of nature. Get a little wooden work and add that elegant touch which no other flat colour will be able to add to your bathroom. Wood not only keeps the interiors warm but also helps to refresh the mind as it gives the feeling of being close to the environment.


  1. The charismatic blue

Do you want to touch the skies while enjoying the splash of water? What can be better than feeling under the sky and revelling in the rain? If you want to give your bathroom a twist of natural shower and want to take it even closer to nature than what wood took you to, then get your bathroom coloured in blue. Blue not only signifies intellectual prowess, but also stands for duty, logic, reflection and serenity. Calm your mind and soul and go for a deep contemplation with blue in your bathroom.


  1. The enigmatic black

Why to just touch the skies when you can roam around there? Far above the clouds, the sky and the space is all black. And black is also the colour of the secretive and the mysterious. Black conveys glamour, substance, gravity, emotional security. Black is a colour of sophistication, maturity and clarity. If you want your bathroom to convey weight and seriousness, it is time for you to dip your bathroom in black.


  1. The prosperous green

Let us bring you back to earth, in its most beautiful form – blanketed in green cover. Green is the colour of fertility and prosperity. It is the colour of universal harmony, equilibrium and rejuvenation. Being the centre colour of the spectrum, it signifies balance and harmony. It also revitalises the mind as it stands for self-reliance and growth. Bathrooms clad in green will not only energise your mind in the morning, but will also help you to achieve equilibrium in mental state. Want to give it a try?


  1. The refreshing yellow

Kiss the sun while you are bathing. Yes! You can do so by painting your bathroom yellow. Yellow signifies optimism, self-esteem and extraversion. Don’t forget, it is also the colour of friendship. With a long wavelength, yellow is particularly stimulating. It is not only the colour of the mind and intellect, but also cheerfulness. What can be better for your bathroom than a touch of yellow to it?


  1. The fiery amber

There is hardly any other colour that is as soothing as the colour amber. It is at once a cool colour and at once, warm. Amber-coloured walls and amber-coloured fittings in the bathrooms add a royal touch to your bathing experience. It is also the colour that is mostly used in plush hotels and restaurants. If you want to stun your guests the next time they arrive at your home, turn your bathroom totally amber. Raised eyebrows and dropped jaws are guaranteed.


  1. The cool orange

In today’s world, there is hardly any day that goes without stress and fatigue. What if your bathing time promises you to infuse optimism in you? Orange is the colour of optimism and social communication. It is also a colour signifying sensuality, passion, abundance and comfort. Get a citrus room freshener installed in your orange-coloured bathroom, which will remind you of the juicy oranges and will teleport you to orange gardens, adding a fresh lease of life in you.


  1. The chirpy pink

Yes, you know what pink stands for – feminity, right? But there is more to it. Pink is a colour of unconditional love, tranquillity, sensuality, warmth and nurture. However, pink is believed to be good in soothing, not in stimulating. So, if you want to get some tranquillity in your mind while bathing, instead of raging it up, try pink in the bathroom.


  1. The majestic gray

Which colour is it? Is it black or white? Well, this pertinent question of our childhood can be answered by saying that it is neither, yet both. Gray is the combination of black and white and hence, represents neutrality. It has no significant psychological effects, yet it adds to the modishness of the bathrooms. Gray is a colour that is used rarely in bathrooms, and you can give it a try to stand out of the crowd.


  1. The amalgam

Too many cooks spoil the broth, but too many colours may help you rock! Why to stick with a single colour for your bathroom. Experiment with different colours and see how each colour gels with the other. Having a combination of colours can increase the psychological effect on your mind by manifold. Go ahead, splash a few colours and give your bathroom the artistic touch.



Colours play a significant role in impacting psychology. Bathing time is the time which holds the promise to refresh us completely. Go and add some colours to your bathroom to add some new meaning to your morning life. Happy bathing!!

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