13 Examples of How to Include a Double-Sided Fireplace into Your Home



Fireplaces are important for a house, not just from the aesthetic point of view but also from the utilitarian perspective. And there is always room to improve, right? Modern fireplaces do not just heat up one room, or one part of the house, rather they provide heat to as many parts of the house as they can. So, today, we shall read about the contemporary design of two-sided fireplaces and how different ideas could be used by different people to install these fireplaces into their houses and make them better than before. Not only do these double-sided fireplaces heat up two rooms of the house, they also add a certain aesthetic beauty to it.


13. Bed and Bath


This double-sided fireplace is installed between a bedroom and a bathroom, so that its heat reaches both the rooms and people in both the rooms can enjoy the warmth of the fireplace. Bedrooms and bathrooms are required for comfort and thus, in cold times, they need to be warm for the people to relish in them. This unique fireplace will help solve this issue and also, further the overall elegance of the room. The modernised look of the fireplace only adds to its beauty.


12. Go Chic with White


Move away from the mundane outlook of the fireplaces and install for yourself a modern white fireplace that is double-sided, so it will not only provide you heat for two different sections of the house, but also, accentuate the overall suave idiosynrasy of the house. Further, the soft hue of white will add a softness to your house’s interior, making it work well with the darker shades of mahogany and wood.


11. Go Timeless


This is a yet another example of the versatility of the shade of white. The fireplace, with its white hues and soft red furniture of the room, adds a certain timeless detail to the entire scene, and also, presents it in a futuristic manner. While the fireplace heats up two adjacent rooms (and the passageway), the contrast of white with red and brown-ish hue, will only fortify the overall decor of your house.


10. Go Traditional


If you have a penchant for the traditional, country side presentations, then we suggest you consider this idea for your double-sided fireplace. The fireplace will warm your dining room and porch for you, so you can easily have your dinner, supper and parties at your house, without having to worry about the cold of the winter. Further, the traditional look is a timeless beauty of its own when paired with the correct form of furniture, so we say, put up with this fireplace a traditional dining table set and matching chairs for the porch, and you have got for yourself a cozy place to be at.


9. Dominate With Glass


This idea is perfect for those who wish to acquire maximum heat for their house and so wish to install the fireplace in the middle of a living room. Surrounding the fireplace with mostly just glass will add to its overall elegance and the dark mahogany shade of the fireplace will concord to the dark brown-ish hue of the furniture. The density of the room’s interior shall only increase with this idea, whilst the glass exterior of the fireplace will underline its overall beauty, and heat.


8. Be Relaxed


Sometimes it is better to just take it easy and let the things be run in a relaxed manner. This idea for the fireplace aims to achieve just that. The tone of the fireplace will be a gentle one because of its soft shade and the utility will be the most efficient as the entire room has been split in half, to make space for a living room and a formal seating space. The fireplace will thus, provide warmth to the two rooms, let you carry your businesses and present a nice reputation on your behalf.


7. Further the Traditional


We know we have done traditional before, but this idea/design is a notch further than the previous design. This idea will give your house a much more of a mid-Victorian outlook, with its brick exterior and you could use a soft shade like beige to add to its finesse. What’s more is that the neutral colours complement any form of furniture and paint, so if it is a new house or an old house, the result will be fantastic. We suggest this design to everyone who has a penchant for creativity but doesn’t want to take big risks.


6. Go Modern


This idea/design is an ideal choice for all the contemporary lovers. The soft fireplace walled at the centre of the room provides an elegant touch to the entire setting. Couple it with a chandelier and a marbled dining set, and you have got for yourself a nice, contemporary double-sided fireplace. To further the look, you can install some softly shaded lights around the fireplace to increase its aesthetic pleasure.


5. Give it a Look by Beach


Everyone loves the beach and everyone loves a good-looking fireplace, then why not combine the two? To retail it further, we suggest this idea for the people who prefer softer shades for their interior and who adore the calm look/tenor of the room. The colours are inspired by the beach’s shade and it divides the room for a living room and a kitchen, so there is comfort for you while you cook and while you eat. We say this is ideal for every person who prefers a calm evening.


4. Go for Steel


This one gives you a futuristic feel whilst being in the industrially charged atmosphere. Although that sounds a bit unpleasant at first, it is an ideal choice for all the science-fiction lovers and readers of the futuristic novels. The steel fireplace could be supported with steel surroundings, or dark furniture items, or maybe even glass with dark marble. The final choice is yours. After all, the future is yours.


3. Apply Texture


If you are fond of the way a texture appears on the room’s walls, then this design is an ideal choice for you. The textured design will work with the modernised interior decor of the entire house and add to it. Further, you could actually use different forms of texture for as many double-sided fireplaces as you need, because in the end, you will not only get warmth for two or more parts of the house, but also an increased sense of elegance to it.


2. Employ Grandeur


If you wish to showcase the artistic and innovative side you have, along with the love you have for the classic themes and if you possess some extra space at your house, then this should be a perfect choice for you. You could place the fireplace in the large dining/living room and then use it to heat that room, along with any other adjacent room (though we suggest an equally important room, like one used for a formal seating). The final result will be one full of warmth and comfort for every visitor, while you get to bask in the glory of your house.


1. Moving Outdoors


This design is perfect for all the nature-lovers and the seekers of the outside world. Move past the mundane designs of interior fireplaces and take a look at the outside world, eat outside your house at the porch or garden, and have a picnic, as heat for all is guaranteed. You can install it in your driveway or at the backside, in your verandah and have a nice get-together with your friends there.


So there you go folks, thirteen different ways for you to get maximum warmth, and install double-sided fireplaces at your house. These designs will showcase your innovative side and underscore the beauty of the entire house. We assure you, fireplaces have never been more fun.

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