Top 12 Weirdest Amazon Products (Part 1)



Since its creation, Amazon has become one of the go-to places for both basic and bizarre needs. You’re probably aware of all of the diverse products Amazon sells, but these 12 weirdest Amazon products are so strange you might think we’re making this list up! Check out part one of our list of the top 12 weirdest Amazon products below, and stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

Number Twelve: Poop Soap. Poop soap is not actually made of poop, but it sure does look like it. The soap resembles a very realistic turd, and – get this – the soap actually works! Interested pranksters can buy the soap and set it out to gross house guests and family members alike.

Number Eleven: A Remote Control Flying F*ck. You’ve probably heard the expression “I don’t give a flying f*ck,” and now you can literally give one. The product comes as a helicopter featuring the word “f*ck” on it, and buyers can operate the helicopter with a remote control. The helicopter can remain in the air for five whole minutes, meaning whoever you’re trying to send the message to will receive it loud and clear.

Number Ten: Emergency Underpants Dispenser. The “emergency” underpants dispenser contains five pairs of underwear for when you just need a pair but don’t have any on hand. We’re not really sure when a situation would arise in which you don’t have underwear but magically have the emergency dispenser, but regardless – this is something you can actually use money to buy on Amazon. Amazing.

Number Nine: Starlet Dog Costume. The starlet dog costume is a great choice for dog owners who are fans of classic Hollywood. Dog owners can purchase Marilyn Monroe costumes that fit their dogs, resulting in an incredible display of insanity and hilarity. The costume even features cleavage and a blonde wig!

Number Eight: Unicorn Meat. Marketed as “unicorn meat,” Radiant Farms has got it all figured out. The can is a self-reported “excellent source of sparkles” and contains “magic in every bite.” Interestingly, the unicorn meat is made in Ireland.

Number Seven: Obama Toilet Paper. Yes, you can buy toilet paper featuring our president’s face for your extra-conservative relatives and friends. The toilet paper features Obama’s face on every single square. Stay tuned for part two of our list of the top 12 weirdest Amazon products, coming soon!

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