12 Of The Craziest Things You’ll Find On Cruise Ships



Planning the holidays seem to be the most exciting thing there is, putting aside all the office stress or school homework for that matter. And what better than an amusement park? Or do you prefer an adventure sport?! One could go Trekking, chill out in a water park or it may be an excellent opportunity to have a booze party with friends and gang.

But what if you can get the best of all the fun at one place. That too in the middle of oceanic beauty on a cruise ship. Oh yes! You heard it right. Cruise ships have got it all. Gone are the days when people used to go on a cruise just to get a view of the ocean.

Here are 12 craziest things you will find on a cruise ship: –

  1. Skydiving on a cruise


skydive2               skydive3


Imagine yourself falling off from a plane 13,000 feet above all the way to a cruise ship where people are having a nice brunch. Well Of course that is the craziest idea if you want to kill people and that’s not going to happen anytime soon. But still in order to quench your thirst for adventures, some of the cruise ships bring you a Skydiving Simulator on the cruise providing you a gravity-resistant environs set up in a chamber so that it feels akin to the real skydiving moments.

iFly Experience offered the first skydiving experience on a cruise ship, wherein four fans were used to keep the riders afloat in the chamber, giving them a feeling of a free-fall. People do not need to worry about the safety measures as full safety gears are provided, along with the instructions and supervision of a trained instructor. So one should definitely give it a go because it is always worth flying.


  1. Bumper Cars Arena & Roller Skates




Banging someone’s car with yours would be the last thing we all want, yet Royal Caribbean cruise ships offer to ride and freely vent out the frustration on the cars, zooming in on your sibling or ex in an arena full of bumping cars.

Also specially built roller skating rinks are provided to the people aboard, with background soundtracks giving a feel-good experience.


  1. Zipline Adventures


zipline-770         ziplining


Ever tried Ziplining? It is a fast-paced ride, strapping you to a long foot-cable through tree-tops to have a bird-eye view or while mountaineering from a great height. Nobody expects to witness a Ziplining sport on a cruise so come aboard Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas and Be Amazed!! It brings to you a thrilling experience by strapping you onto an 82-foot cable hanging nine decks above the ground. So try it if you have the guts and the right nerves.


  1. Booze in a Bionic Bar


bionicbar2             bionicbar


It is only fair, witnessing human hands mixing all the cocktails in the bars and getting bored by it. What’s the fun in that? Here comes a wonderful and an artistic Robotic Bar offered on Quantum of the Seas. This Bionic Bar has two robots working in tandem, in order to ensure a disruption-less service with a lavishing seating arrangement for the boozers. These laser-precision robots are autonomous and are programmed to do a specific task, mixing the cocktails all day long. So grab a drink. Mojito, Martini, Margarita or Sangria, just name it and see the magic of robotic hands at play.


  1. Planetarium



Experience the enigma of space exploration and astronomy in the middle of the sea. Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 gives you a chance to explore stars or your favorite planet at your own leisure. Go to the space without a space-shuttle whenever you like, in a full-scale planetarium on the cruise known as ‘ILLUMINATIONS’. It is a 3-D luxury cinema and a classical musical venue that steel away hearts with its majestic ambiance. The seats in the planetarium are optimally designed for a sensational viewing.


  1. Thrilling Water coasters


aquadunk                    water


One of the most wonderful things about the sea is that it never runs out of water, and so why not just utilize it and have the most fun time on the cruise?! Some cruise ships are pushing the envelope by introducing various water coaster thrills such as ‘The Aqua Dunk’ by Disney Magic cruise ship. The Aqua Dunk is a three storied high water slide starting from the floor that drops you underneath, racing down 212-foot clear water twisting tube.

The Ultimate Abyss offered on the largest cruise ship in the world by Royal Caribbean, sends down a rider 10 stories down. It is the longest slide on the sea.

Play like a kid again at the Aqua Park on the Norwegian Gateway cruise ship with its five multi-storied breath-taking water slides. It also features two huge swimming pools and four hot bath tubs.


  1. Surfing on the cruise


surf        flow


Enjoy the thrills of water surfing without even stepping out of the cruise ship. ‘Anthem of the seas’ by Royal Caribbean brings the best surfing experience on the ship. ‘The Flow Rider’, a surfing simulator on the ship, allowing people to ‘’flowboard’’ akin to the real surfing. This simulator has a wedge-shaped area covered with thin padding. A continuous stream of water is sprayed by powerful jets to the area where the participants hang during surfing. A team of trained instructors are provided on the cruise ship to assist the novices.


  1. Walking the Plank


theplank1       plank2


Be a Pirate from one of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and walk the plank. Although this might not be just the right deal for the ones having a phobia for heights because this is as crazy as it gets. Norwegian Gateway cruise ship test your moments of bravery by letting you walk on the plank all eight feet of it until you reach the end of the plank and pose for a photograph. Show your buddies what you’re made of. But one doesn’t have to worry about the safety as all the safety measures are taken beforehand.

  1. Snow Room

snowRoom2                            snowRoom


Come aboard the Viking Star, and visit ‘The Snow Grotto’, one of a kind on a cruise ship for the North Americans. It is a frosty Spa, which is kept at below freezing point temperature with powdery snow descending off the ceilings. It is inspired by a tradition followed in the Northern Europe to stimulate the body circulation. The Snow Grotto will get you chilled with all the snow drinks offered, even when it is hot and humid outside.


  1. Star on the cruise




The sea gives you an opportunity to star in your own reality show. From a typical karaoke competition to a more bombastic and lively version on Princess Cruises, known as the ‘The Voice of the Ocean’. A big opportunity for the talented ones to showcase their talent through singing, acting, dancing and anchoring in front of all the people aboard. A reality show testing the participants through audition, also providing mentors and trainers for the rehearsals. It also features a live grand finale performance in the end felicitating the participants and the winners. So get in line and become a star of the sea.


  1. Go karting




Race away around a Go-kart track because it only gets faster and better after this. Norwegian cruise line’s Norwegian Joy, offers a two-level competition racetrack on the deck – the first ever on a cruise for head-to-head racing. It gives you an ‘adrenaline rushing’ Formula-1 style racing experience.


  1. Underwater bike riding




You ask your friends to come along and do underwater biking, chances are that you end up getting humiliated or laughed at publicly because of the crazy talk. Who wouldn’t? But that’s exactly what MSC Cruises is all about. Pushing all the boundaries of craziness on a cruise ship, MSC Cruises by MSC Divina offers you a wonderful bicycle experience for an intense workout and this time nobody will abstain you from getting the bicycle in the pool if that’s what you’re here for. It is part of a fitness programme launched by MSC Divina, wherein the people aboard can ride the bicycles in the pool and burn calories to stay fit.


So ultimately, a cruise ship might now seem to be the craziest place to be on, given all the adventures and scintillating experience that it provides. There has been a rapid development in the way cruise ships market themselves by providing facilities that are known to land. Even better for people like us, who welcome such a bold move with open arms. But that is not enough. There’s more to come. Stay Tuned !!

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