11 Homes That Combine The Historic And Contemporary



Our lifestyles have gone through a considerable transformation from the traditional homes that were built by the ancestors to the mainstream ones of our modern society.

Homes of yesteryears did not have that many luxuries as compared to the contemporary homes that we live in. But they surely preserved a community’s culture acknowledged by an architecture that was built with high quality materials, such as the rare hardwood and wood from old-growth forests that no longer exist. Contemporary home, on the other hand gives us all kind of luxuries: – Modular kitchen and automated rooms, to mention a few.

Rarely has anyone come across a classic blend of historic and the contemporary living. The remnants of history pervading in our modern living is something we don’t get to see every day. But well, here it is!

House crazy presents to you some of the finest examples of the homes that have brought history and the contemporary in the same shade: –


  1. 300 years and still counting!!


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Pitsou Kedem Architects, renovated this historic urban house in Tel aviv, located on the Mediterranean coast of Israel. It is a 300 year old house that was designed by preserving the original elements such as stone walls, curving ceilings and window arches. This classic yet lavishing architecture has large windows to let the sunlight in, with the cool sea breeze during summers. With the interior openings having a look alike window, the stone walls transcend to a contemporary floating stairway. The modern bathrooms made of a concrete wall and fixtures is a perfect amalgamation of classic and the modern living.


  1. Reverence for the historic mixture


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This Mid-century house was redesigned as a result of a co-incidence that led Charles DeLisle, a San Francisco-based architect to refurbish it after a chit-chat with a friend. Oh yes! You heard it right. Even the greatest and the oldest needs a bit of luck after all. This is a typical 1950’s ranch house located in Portola Valley, on the outskirts of Silicon Valley. The kitchen table in this house was made of four-inch thick Douglas fir, complemented by the bright white chairs. It also features an elegant tear-shaped pendant hanging from the ceiling.

Getting cold in the chilly winter evenings? Well there is a fireplace outdoors in the shape of a pit. The Adirondack-style chair is the most classic element around the house accompanied by the French doors that allow for an ample presence of natural light.


  1. Cape Cod’s simplicity meets Modernity


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This master-piece designed by Jack Hall in 1962 is located in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. The cottage comprises of three separate and elongated cubes, living room and a modular kitchen. The bedrooms in this vernacular cottage stands on top of slatted wooden deck. The housing is covered with a wooden super structure. The original owners of this house arrived from Europe during the World War 2 and were impressed by the long swaths green marshland stretching across the bays. This classy yet expressive cottage stands on a hill that maximize the view of the environs. The interior of the cottage is wooden milled, with the furniture and the dining table situated near the fire-place. The cottage was a dilapidated place for almost 18 years that later transformed into a classic version of mid-century modern cottage.


  1. Amicable mid-century modern housing


4_1 4

Pulp Design Studios, known for their modern approach to refurbish classic designs, created this stylish house for a young family. The bright and lively ambiance of the housing is a treat to witness. The classic open room is stranded with a Missoni rug, including a Bertoia Bird Chair. Oh for the kids! The house features Chernel table and chairs carrying a mid-century modern appearance into children’s bedrooms and playrooms. History is like an empty vessel without Art, so there is a classic modern grid with horizontal and vertical rectangular frames for family photographs, giving an artistic touch to the house.


  1. Custom Eichler House of 1962


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This restored house of 1962 is located on a waterfront of San Francisco Bay, designed by A.Quincy Jones, an architect and educator known for his modern innovative designs. It has a scenic view of a lagoon featuring large windows with silhouette of the George Nelson Marshmallow Sofa as a focal point of home’s decor. The living room has an open space, with The Artichoke Light fixtures, designed by Poul Henningsen, complementing its elegance with a lavishing design of Florence Knoll couches and Hans Wegner coffee table. The house exemplifies a traditional Eichler fashion, leaving the front door as simplistic as it can be.


  1. Time travel to 1950s : – The Cliff May House


6 6_1

For a moment, just imagine that your father has bought a house built by a famed architect. Wouldn’t you jump off the bed in excitement?! Sure thing. A mid-century house located in Long Beach, California built by Cliff May, would serve the same purpose and more. The house spread across 1130 square feet having an open floor plan with 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms. Wait! There’s something for the garden lovers too. The Cliff May House has a drought-tolerant garden seeded with some foxtail ferns to grow vegetables and variety of herbs. It also features a modern style redwood fence enclosing the yard, riddled with five French doors providing multiple entrances.


  1. Transformation of a 1960s bungalow


7 7_1

Looking for a respite from the moribund city life? Come check this bungalow located in Calgary, Alberta, spreading across 2,664 square feet cushioned with 8-acre vineyards and peach orchards.

All the four sides of the bungalow have large full-height windows designed to allow sunlight during winters and keep the house cool in summers. The corner bedroom is situated so as to capture the enigma of Niagara sunsets and thunderstorms. It also features a south-facing patio with an exterior space for warm summer nights.


  1. Modernity excavated in a rail-road town


8 8_1

This house was built in 1910 in the East Bay area located near San Francisco. The house got an expansive space after a renovation by architect Paul Welschmeyer. It spreads across 2000 square feet. It features a living room with windowed side having a 1910 fireplace, also benefiting from the abundance of windows flooding the room with natural light.


  1. Federal style home of 1782


9 9_1 9_2

This is a remodeled version of Federal-style house located in Woodstock, Vermont built in 1782. An 18th century design refurbished by Ann Shriver Sargent, had exterior shutters to panel the bathrooms and was incorporated with as many original elements as it could have. It spreads across 5,900 square feet with five bedrooms and four bathrooms. The house has an original stain of a mix of a melange of woods. A bathroom situated under the front staircase features a fine vintage marble vessel sink with cast-iron legs.

In order to host a dinner party, the living room can be converted into a formal dining room with an antique dinner table kept in the center.


  1. Colonialism of 1890s at a glance


10 10_1 10_2 10_3

This 19th century home located in Auburndale, Massachusetts, was built in 1890.  It was remodeled later on. It has a kitchen with varying shades of white to keep it simple. Bouquet of fresh flowers from the backyard placed in the kitchen makes it vibrant. The floors are made of red oak hardwood that revives the colonial style pervaded in 1890s. There is a mix of antique and mid-century modern works placed in the living room, making a mix and match of contemporary and history.


  1. Italic blend of Old and New


11 11_1 11_3

This is a 200 year old house in Umbria that was designed by Paola Navone, an Italy-based architecture. There is a sentry wall of lamps from Design House Stockholm on the way to living room with 52 windows. This is an amazing transformation of an abandoned two-century old tobacco-drying plant into an appealing home. The over-scaled white sofa is kept parallel to the dining area. The house spreads across 5,300 square feet space with staircases made of wood treads.


We presented some of the most wonderful amalgamations of mid-century modernity. Old and robust structures complemented by a lavishing living is all that one could demand. Old certainly is gold to many, but with the contemporary elements, it gets even more precious!

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