11 Creative Cable Holders That Stop The Cables Falling Off Your Desk



How many times does it happen with you that you begin working on your laptop, with a warm cup of coffee in your one hand and your other hand gliding on the keys of the laptop, and suddenly the cable drops off from the table? Or how many times does it happen that different cables reaching out to your mobile phone get entangled stronger than any bond that even love has ever made? Or you want to pull out one of the cables and in the process you end up pulling all of them or none at once?

If it happens to you almost every day, believe us, you are not alone. The management of cables is such a daunting task that none of the management schools or life coaches have been able to teach a solution to this problem. And this is where we come to your rescue by offering you 11 innovative solutions to manage your cables better.

  1. Cable clip

The biggest problem faced by tech-savvy people these days is the presence of loose cables all around. What if you could just wrap them up or fold them and keep it neatly? Looks impossible? Wait! Cable clip is at your rescue. Just round up your loose cables and use Cable Clip. It is not only portable, but also a very heavy duty product. A very cost effective way to manage cables as it comes for only $10.



  1. CableBox Mini

Don’t worry if all your cables are sprawled over the floor and you fear tripping over them by mistake. CableBox Mini will help you in this regard. You can store all the cables in the box and then just slide it under your bed. What more? It also comes along with a surge protector.



  1. Multi-cable drop

The problem of cables dangling from your table is also a problem. We understand that and that’s why we have arrived at a solution for you. Multi-cable drop is a handy solution for your desktops, mobile phones, laptops and what not! They not only maintain cleanliness but also organize the cables well and provide easy accessibility too. From chargers to USB cables to connectors, all can be managed by this one-stop solution.



  1. Magnetic anchors

What if we told you that magnets can help you to manage your cables? Well, if you don’t believe us, then please begin trusting us now. Magnetic anchors are getting popular these days as anchors for cables. From chargers to connectors to even other wires can be managed by these magnetic anchors. Moreover, being magnetic also keep them adhered strongly to their place, lest your cable managers themselves fall off to create more clutter.



  1. Pinza

Even heard of rubber protecting and managing your cables? No no… we are not talking of rubber bands. But we are surely talking of rubber rings that keep your cables in place. The cable holder by Pinza uses the power of rubber rings coiled around a cylindrical structure to keep the cables in place. Just bring this cable holder to your home and become carefree about the cables for your life.



  1. Bobino cable holder

The cable holder design by Bobino is something that you cannot resist. It gets fixed at the corner of your desk or its edge and holds the cables in their place. This cable holder has an ergonomic design and adds a peppy look to your workplace. Moreover, it also does not take up space on your desk, rather takes the edge of your desk to do its work. Bring this card holder home to pep up your workstation.



  1. Pasta magic

Although this is not the name of the cable holder design, yet this is the word that comes first in the minds of users when they see this cable holder. The design of this cable holder is like that of a fork and when the cable holders wrap themselves around it, it appears as if the cables are like strands of pasta hugging the fork. Bring this cable manager at home and add a different charm to your desk. But beware, it should not make you hungry and crave for pasta too often.



  1. Metal cordies

Time for rubber to show its magic again! Magic cordies help to manage the cables by using rubber grips. The five rubber grips on the design help to keep in place multiple cables at one time. You can keep multiple cables between two rubber grips, without fearing any entanglement. This design helps you manage your cables by occupying very little space on the desk. Stephen Stewart has designed this cool cable holder exclusively for a cool person like you.



  1. Cord identifiers

Your cable holders may manage your cables but what if you still get confused as to which cable does what? This is the issue that cord identifiers promise to solve. The design of cable holders by Dotz helps you to figure out the nature of cables without crawling beneath your bed. The circular dot IDs have graphics on them, which help to identify the nature of the cables. Using graphics helps to break the barrier of language, so that any user from any nation can understand it.



  1. The spirals

Forget the spirals just holding your sheets together in your theses. Spirals can do a lot more. Yes, they can hold and manage cables too. Etsy, the designer of many uber cool products, has come up with this innovative design of spirals holding the cables. The six different glyphs help you to represent six different type of devices. They can be easily wrapped around the cable and can help you manage them even without being visible.



  1. The XL Cable organizer

Ever seen your parents wrapping a long cable around a disc to roll it up and store at some place? The XL Cable organizer does the same thing. For extra long cables, this design is perfect. The solution by The Container Store is a noble solution for managing the cords of long length. The cords can just be wrapped around and stored. Moreover, the device takes up very less space and acts as a mediator between two connectors too. Cable management has never been so easy without this device.



So, now when you know that managing cables is not that difficult, how do you feel? I am sure you are feeling contended that you have finally found a solution to your problem of cable management. Bring in a few of these solutions, and portray to your friends and family the smartness that dwells inside you. Happy cable management!

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