Top 10 Worst Trends Ever Started (Part 2)



If the first five of the worst trends ever started didn’t get you face-palming, Part 2 is here to give you a laugh. Find out where the young kids are putting their vodka these days, why people keep getting stabbed in the hand, and more of the dumbest trends we found!

Number Five: Vodka Eyeballing. If you really want to see a dumb trend, check out vodka eyeballing. In an effort to increase the rate at which they get drunk, people have been holding up bottles of vodka straight to their eyeballs. Many were hospitalized from the act, as it caused temporary blindness, eye damage, and even alcohol poisoning in some cases.


Number Four: The Knife Game. Popularized by the 1986 movie, Aliens, this trend is stupid, but a classic. The “game” consists of a person spreading their fingers on a flat surface and repeatedly stabbing at the space between them. It is viewed as an impressive skill at increased speeds and is quite the party trick. However, in such a dangerous game, there is a lot of room for things to go wrong. Many have received severe hand injuries from this reckless fun.

Number Three: The Boiling Water Challenge. Needless to say, this trend died off quickly. In social media videos, participants of the boiling water challenge can be seen…well, dumping boiling hot water on themselves. The whole idea of the game was to enjoy watching the participant writhe in pain. Well, almost all of those who took the boiling water challenge had to be hospitalized for their burns, so it didn’t really catch on. Shocking, right?

Number Two: Foot Binding. The action of foot binding originated in China in the tenth century. Foot binding involves wrapping a human foot at birth, and keeping it tightly bound so that it would retain its shape. In Chinese culture, the altered appearance was seen as dainty and cute and was common among women. In other areas of the world, it was used as a method of torture.

Number One: The Choking Game. This “game” has been one of the most deadly games of the modern day. To play, a person is to be choked in order to cut off the flow of oxygen to the brain. Apparently, the result is a series of hallucinations and euphoria. Since this fad has begun, over one hundred participants have died from choking accidents and incorrect “playing”.

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