Top 10 Worst Trends Ever Started (Part 1)



Trends come and go, but some can stay buried in history. Especially the ones we have in the list. We found the worst trends that ever caught on, and compiled them into a fun little adventure for you. Don’t try to start any of the up again, because they are by far the worst trends that were ever started.

Number Ten: Fish Swallowing. If you thought selfies were bad, imagine being coerced into swallowing a live goldfish. In the 1930’s, the trend of swallowing whole, live fish became such a fad that it was even addressed by Time Magazine. This weird trend hit the media hard and lasted more than 30 years. Though no one ever died from the dumb acts, almost all who partook got sick to their stomach. Those poor fish!

Number Nine: The Polish Plait. In the nineteenth century, the “Polish Plait” was all the rage in hairstyles. This odd hairdo combined oily, unwashed individual strands of hair and clumped them together until they formed a firm pile. It was almost like a pillow hanging from the back of a head. The style eventually died out and is seen as a medical condition in the modern day.

Number Eight: Teething. The word “teething” is used today to describe the stage of infancy in which a baby begins to get his or her first set of teeth. However back in the sixteenth century, the meaning of the word was a bit different. As a way to “help” infants through this phase, a thin slice would be made upon the gum line of an infant with the intention of helping the teeth break through. This practice has been outdated since the twentieth century, as it became a leading cause of death in infants.

Number Seven: Tuberculosis. Although we know it today as devastating illness, the act of dying from tuberculosis was once romanticized. Due to the illness’s star appearance in paintings, written works, and more artistic depictions, people in the nineteenth century often desired the onset of the deadly disease. It was said to be “a beautiful death”, regarding the time that it allowed its victims to come to terms with death and settle their arrangements. Many young people enticed by this description sought it out, and the number of fatalities from the disease jumped.

Number Six: The Fire Challenge. More of a recent trend, the fire challenge was onset by the soaring use of social media. Participants in this challenge would attempt to set themselves on fire, seeking to find out who could withstand it the longest. Catching the event on their phones, they would share the videos on social media with other participants. Many injuries arose from the fire challenge, and we hope the fire has finally been put out.

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