10 True Stories of History’s Most Bizarre Criminals




Some crimes are sick, some are funny, but some are just bizarre. These 10 true stories of history’s most bizarre criminals are so strange you might not believe they’re real. Check them out for yourself below!

Number Ten: The Banana Man. One man had a hankering for a banana so bad that he crashed his station wagon into the front of a gas station just to get it. He calmly ate one banana inside and drove away.

Number Nine: Break…In? Rather than scheming to break out of jail, one man was so shocked after his mother’s passing that he got drunk and thought prison would be a good place to seek help. He tried to climb the fence, but he was caught and sent to a sobriety center.

Number Eight: Wife Escape. Similar to our last story, one man, in an attempt to escape his abusive wife, planned a fake bank heist just so he would get caught and go to jail. The man arrived at the bank with an unloaded gun and made no threats.

Number Seven: Urine Man. One Japanese man found pleasure in a very bizarre way…by driving by and pouring his urine on people. He poured his urine on 10 different bystanders before he was arrested.

Number Six: The Wrong Crowd. A Florida teen decided he wanted to start dealing drugs, but he was so inexperienced that he started dealing on the phone and dialed the wrong number. The wrong number ended up being a cop, and the cop agreed to buy the drugs. The meeting was set up, and the teen was arrested.

Number Five: The Billion Dollar Check. One man who decided he was ready to cash in on life wrote himself a $360 billion check and decided to cash it in. The bank teller called the police on him immediately.

Number Four: Celebrity Sleep Over. Robert Downey Jr. had a little too much to drink one night and wandered into the home of a California family. He fell asleep in their 11-year-old daughter’s bed before he was caught and taken away by the police.

Number Three: Hypnotizing Holdup. An unidentified man who allegedly bears a resemblance to Saddam Hussein hypnotizes bank clerks to get away with crimes. He apparently waits patiently in line, and then hypnotizes the cashier to give him money, and the cashiers never have any memory of it. He is still at large.

Number Two: Bath Salts Burglar. Though bath salts have a bad reputation, one Ohio man got high on bath salts, broke into a family’s home and set up a lot of Christmas decorations. He laid down and turned on the TV to presumably relax before he was caught.

Number One: Drug Butt Bust. Two brothers were in the car together when they were pulled over. The driver thought he would be caught with the cocaine he was carrying between his butt cheeks and convinced his brother to eat it all. However, his brother had a bad reaction and died within the next hour. The driver was charged with involuntary manslaughter.

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