Top 10 Things Americans Don’t Know About America (Part 2)



If part one didn’t teach you all there is to know about America, we are back with part two to get you filled in! There is plenty more to learn about our country that even we might not know, such as how our kids are making legal loopholes, what is really killing us, and much more!

Number Five: It is Legal for Underage Kids to Smoke Cigarettes. It is true; any person under the age of eighteen smoking a tobacco product would get out on a technicality. While it is technically legal for underage kids to smoke tobacco products and cigarettes, it is illegal for minors to purchase them. It is also illegal to put tobacco in the possession of a minor, so police know someone if breaking the law somewhere in that mess.

Number Four: Medical Errors are the Sixth Leading Cause of Death. That may seem a bit scary, but hey, no one is perfect! If we can’t trust medical professionals to put us back together when we are broken, who can we trust? Just look at it this way, if they don’t try to fix you, no one can.

Number Three: 27% of America Doesn’t Believe We Landed on the Moon. Apparently, it is a well-speculated conspiracy theory. This idea is rooted from an old show on Fox claiming that the landing was faked. The show received a lot of attention; however, other television shows have made of point of mentioning the landing and why it was, in fact, real.

Number Two: Net Worth of $10 Makes You Richer than Most Americans. If you have a ten-dollar bill and no amount of debt, studies show that you are wealthier than about twenty-five percent of Americans. Sadly, the majority of individual Americans are suffering from personal debt, and it worsens each year. Just remember kids, credit cards are the root of all evil.

Number One: The U.S. Serves 100 Acres of Pizza Daily. To put it in perspective, an acre is twenty-two yards by two hundred and twenty yards or 43,560 square feet. That is 4,356,000 delicious square feet of sauce-filled, cheesy, hot, melty, crispy, Americanized Italian-style pizza plated up every day to hungry Americans in the proudest country in all of the world.

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