Top 10 Things Americans Don’t Know About America (Part 1)



They don’t tell you everything in history class; there are plenty of factoids and information that even Americans don’t know about America! So how do we find out? We gain build our knowledge by surfing the web, of course! So read on, because I can almost guarantee that there is something in this list that even you did not know about America.

Number Ten: One of Every Eight Americans Worked at McDonalds. Home of the Big Mac, and most of our awful first jobs from when we were in high school. Apparently about one of every eight Americans, meaning approximately thirteen percent of the population, has been employed flipping burgers at our local McDonalds. Yes, it is all true; we lead an exciting life over here in America.

Number Nine: There are More Cows in Montana than People. Actually, there are way more cows than people in the state of Montana, with an estimated ratio of three cows per one human. That may seem daunting, but at least we have a lot of beef!

Number Eight: One American Uses the Same Resources as 32 Kenyans. How’s that to put things in perspective? The resources that are used here to satisfy only one American has the potential to satisfy the needs of essentially an entire town in Kenya. Ouch.

Number Seven: America has No Official Language. Most Americans generally speak English, so it is commonly accepted that English is America’s official language. Even by its citizens. To many peoples’ surprise, however, there is no one, single official language for our country. People can choose to speak whatever they wish (although, it is helpful to know English to navigate the country).

Number Six: One of Every Three Americans is Obese. This one probably doesn’t come as a shock to most of you. Americans receive the back end of fried food and fat related jokes all around the world because well, it is true. America has an obesity problem rooted in the corruption of our food distribution practices, and it will continue to be an issue until we do something about it. ‘Nuff said.

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