10 See-Through Swimming Pools You Wish You Were in Right Now



Do you love swimming? Do you enjoy basking in the cool water of the pool and getting away from the scorching heat, whilst you swim around in the pool, like a fish in an ocean, and maybe spend some time with your friend? Well if you too are able to relate to the questions we have just put up, then we say this article is meant for you. Rather, we will even go so far as to say this article will let you visualise your dreams. Yes, we are posting ten see-through swimming pools, ideas and even realities from around the world, that will only enhance your swimming experience; also, they will make you want to go in them, so better read on and then start looking for some places yourself.

But before we begin. let’s just address one tiny detail: see-through swimming pools, what are they? Well, to keep this short, we will summarise for you why see-through swimming pools are such a delight. They accentuate your swimming experience, as they let you not only take a swim, but also, get a more fantastical experience. The pools are see-through, people. You will never be disappointed whenever you are in one of them. Now let’s read about the different kinds of see-through swimming pools the world has to offer us, and let’s envy the fact we are not in one of them right now.


10. Pool in Spain


We do not really need to make a selling point for this pool now, do we? Fair to say this pool is as amazing as anything we have ever seen, this is Tony Stark level, people. Imagine sipping at your favourite cool beverage, whilst spending some time in this pool. Or, imagine taking a swim in this pool on a relatively cooler day. Wouldn’t that be so refreshing? We agree that the pool gives a nice elegant touch to the entire house, but it’s the pool’s elegance, its comforting ambience that matters the most to us right now, doesn’t it? In this weather, a pool like this would have been heaven.


9. Pool in Singapore


Okay so this a level further than the previous pool. In this case, not only do you get the pleasure to actually take a swim in the picturesque pool, but also spend a nice time lounging around beside it. Way to showcase your creativity, right? The pool is an ideal choice for those who love to swim and are recognised as the “Namor” of their group because this pool is bound to make you want to take a dive in it. We admit we envy not being in this pool right now. Do you too?


8. Pool in Sweden


We know this seems scary at first but is that the only emotion we feel when we look at it? Or do we feel intrigued? Yes, we know it’s the latter emotion we feel. This amazing see-through swimming pool is in Sweden and although it scares you off at first, that’s only for the prima facie, because once you delve into it, the pool is everything you have ever wished for in a pool. The pool provides an amazing amount of thrill and underscores your swimming experience. We say, let’s go visit this pool!


7. Pool Bridge


This amazing piece of art is yet in works and the image is the artist’s visuals of what the pool might look like after being completed. The pool is basically a 25 metre bridge that will be a see-through pool for the people to take a swim right above the chaos of the city! Isn’t this amazing? Imagine being a glass, filled with water, right above the city and noticing all the things people are participating in, while you get to relax and move from one building to another, via a channel of water. Although it sounds like a scene from a Saw film, we assure you, it is the complete opposite of it.


6. Pool in Shanghai


China has never failed to meet the expectations of the word “creative”, and it doesn’t in the case of see-through swimming pools either. As you can see from the photograph above, the pool is kind of an extension of the building it is on, and is akin to the elder brother of glass pools that brim with water. Yes, the pool has a see-through characteristic at the bottom, so you can enjoy the view of the city, whilst also enjoying the overhead aircrafts. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

5. Pool in Argentina


So this is like a beautiful image of an extravagant mansion, isn’t it? Imagine being in this pool, on a hot summer day, spending time taking a swim in it or just relaxing. It sure does sound interesting. The wooden frame of the pool, and the clear water, along with the artistic design of the entire framework, lends to the pool, and the house, an entirely different aura of elegance. We admit it is not easy to get one of these pools to your home, but it sure does seem exciting to get.


4. Pool in Canada


This pool is like a sidewalk to your house/room. And would we not love such sidewalks? We all love to have a pool in our house, and this idea is a sure way to showcase your artistic side. The pool is located right beside the walls of the house and is see-through, that is to say, although at first glance it might seem like an ordinary pool, when looked at from underneath, it is a see-through pool. Talk about creativity, right? The pool is a sure way to fortify your house’s beauty and make the others be jealous of your creativity.


3. Pool in Greece


Greece is a world of many wonders, and this pool should not be underestimated either. As is evident from the photograph, the pool provides a refuge from the heat of the sun, and not only does it add a sense of elegance to the entire mise en scene, it also enhances a person’s swimming experience. Yes, it is indeed that good. Imagine taking a swim in this pool and then being seated on the chairs beside it, having a drink with your friends, with some fruits, maybe? It does sound intriguing, doesn’t it?

2. Going quasi-Victorian


This pool is an ideal choice for all the literature and history lovers. Why? Because it is similar in design to what the Victorians called “art”. The brick outline of the pool, along with its semi-circular shape at the top, with the clear blue water inside, it is a sure form of beauty for the people who love to spend time in the country or want to live a life full of suave. The pool intensifies the overall beauty of the entire estate, and is also a becoming sort of pool. So move away from the banal ideas for a swimming pool, we present to you the artistic side of the see-through swimming pools.


1. Through the Halls


Remember the scene from The Shining where blood started flowing through the elevator door and then covered the entire hall? Well, this is beautiful and completely harmless idea, kind of inspired from that scene (our judgement), and piques an individual’s curiosity in a similar manner. The pool is fitted in a hall, which makes the pool into a hall kind of room, but you could also go the other way round. The pool is an ideal choice for anyone who loves to take a swim, appreciates the beauty of architecture and has a soft corner for the see-through swimming pools.


So there you go, folks! Ten different see-through swimming pools that make us wish we were in them right now. The motive of the article was not to make anyone feel bad about their condition but to provide them with the solace of the kind of pools they could some day be in. Take it as an inspiration, people. These pools await all those who wish to seek them out.

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