10 Pictures Of The Most White Minimalist Hotel You Will Ever See





A state-of-art living space built right over the deep blue oceans and clothed entirely in chaste white is sure to leave us mesmerized and tranquil. In today’s world, brimming with colours, a touch of simplicity generates a sense of awe and curiousness in our minds. And along with it comes the feeling of bliss and serenity.

One such place where even time seems to stand still is the Mar Adentro Hotel and Residences located in San Jose del Cabo on the Sea of Cortez in Baja California Sur in Mexico. Built at a pristine location amongst fine beaches and nature, the Mar Adentro Hotel and Residences promise a quiet yet an adventurous getaway. The local ecology, the landscape, the climate and the white sand beaches make this region a natural paradise for all nature lovers.             minimalist-hotel-mexico_130413_01a                        minimalist-hotel-mexico_130413_03

But that is not the only thing that sets apart this place! Created to provide a unique experience the Mar Adentro Hotels and Residences has enhanced the standard of luxurious living amidst nature and elegance. The Hotels and Residences are built not only at a beautiful location but the artistry with which they are created is equally amazing. It is simply the perfect coalescence of nature and modernity.

Virgin white walls adorn the spaces created at the Mar Adentro Hotels and Residences. They are designed to create a beguiling atmosphere that will leave its residents speechless with surprise. Modern amenities furnish the Hotel and Residences with that extra kick which is sure to leave its residents coming back for more. Every chamber is decorated with mind-blowingly advanced and innovative amenities to provide comfort and ease at its best to every person.

The Mar Adentro Hotel and Residences is a well-designed concept of the renowned Mexican architect Miguel Ángel Aragonés. The amicable white reflects the calmness of the environment in which the hotel is built. It is the first luxury resort of its kind in Baja California Sur.

Located barely ten minutes away from the Los Cabos International Airport, Mar Adentro is well accessible by both air and road.

State-of-the-art living spaces:

The Mar Adentro Hotel and Residences feature about 198 well-appointed guest rooms and a few private residences. Each living quarter is designed with simplicity, comfort, and elegance. Each accommodation overlooks enchanting ocean views and is created in an all-white sensuous beauty that leaves one spellbound. Every hotel room and residence are customs outfitted with Poliform furnishings and top-of-the-line appliances.

The hotel and residences have their own private beach club, luxury shopping plaza, five world-class restaurants, yoga and fitness facilities, and the holistic Mar Abierto Spa, the Mar Adentro makes sure that all of its guests and private residence owners will feel utmost care and comfort providing the most relaxing and hassle free experience.


Mar Adentro also features Los Cabo’s well-known art gallery with rotating local and international exhibits, a fashion partnership with Mexican designer Carla Fernandez and an exclusive artist-in-residence partnership with Los Angeles’ famed intimate concert venue Hotel Café.

minimalist-hotel-mexico_130413_10                             minimalist-hotel-mexico_130413_11

A stay at Mar Adentro is purely an enhancive and artistic experience.

Personalized unique experience:

The Mar Adentro Hotel and Residences provide a flawless mélange of natural and modern beauty. Mar Adentro accommodation is made up of chambers and rooms in a box type structure which are built right over the blue ocean below. They are made up of white concrete walls on the side that meet the sunshine and the desert glow but on the sides facing the ocean, they are built in glass. This adds to the sheer beauty of the place fusing it well with nature.

If one observes from a height then these residences look like white boxes floating over the blue ocean – the base concept idea of the architect Miguel Ángel Aragonés.

The Mar Adentro Hotels and Residences are divided into two types. One is the Estates which come in either three or five room options. The other type is the Apartments which come in one Bedroom Ocean, two Bedroom Ocean, two Bedroom Open Ocean, Junior Penthouse and Penthouse options.


Even though the residences are minimal and simple they are equipped with all modern facilities and amenities to facilitate personal choices. They are also provided with a personalized lighting system to ensure a blissful time.

The Estates are more spacious and airy with living areas and outdoor areas. With their exclusive outdoor rooftop pools that seem to touch the ocean, they provide a mystical and divine sensation.

The Apartments (guest rooms) also provide an authentic and calm experience to each of its guest. The apartments are organized in a six-block compound with full ocean views and come with a private rooftop pool and individual terrace pools. They are set into the central platform surrounding the hotel pool and plaza with easy accessibility to Mar Adentro facilities.

Each of the residences and the guest rooms is furnished entirely with Poliform and Miele appliances, Samsung systems, Nespresso facilities with capsule menu and state-of-the-art Control4 to provide utmost ease and comfort.


The irenic white hotel and residences over the deep blue ocean are the perfect place to enjoy a simple, elegant and yet a captivating experience with your loved ones.

The Minimalist Décor:

The artistic look that the hotel offers is not limited to only it structure and architect. The hotel’s benevolent white colour bestows to it a peaceful look. Even the furniture inside is designed in such a way that it is simple and minimal and provides a luxurious space to the residents. The furniture is also designed in white to match the hotel colour. Anything and everything that is found inside the residences is designed in the virtuous white colour to retain and enhance the concept of a beautiful intermingling of the natural and modern beauty.


Each chamber is designed with living areas and outdoor spaces with complementary furnishings for a divine experience.

The Conceptualization:

The renowned architect Miguel Ángel Aragonés conceives that architecture has a soul like humans and hence he believes in aesthetics and beauty through simplicity and elegance. He creates every masterpiece with harmony and a refreshing allure that is reminiscent of nature itself. Every entity is built as a unique living experience that makes one connect with nature and with oneself.


Mar Adentro is sure to leave its residents with a sense of awe as well as contentment. It offers rooms and residences with a difference and uniqueness. Spacious layouts create a landmark of beauty and grandeur. The eco-sensibility adds to the beauty of this place. The amenities and facilities at Mar Adentro have been purposefully chosen to appeal to all people and to develop a personalized entity of comfort and bliss. These amenities enhance the quality of living standards of the residents and add to the recreation and peace of mind.

The extreme simplification of form and colour evoke memories of the Minimal Art movement that revolutionized history during the 1950’s. At the same time, the top-of-line amenities bring us back to the modern world. A proper blend of nature and the beauty of the ocean lead to a sense of inspiration and calmness. The Mar Adentro Hotel and Residences are sure to turn heads around and will stand as one of the most beautiful hotels one should visit and experience.

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