10 Iconic Film Hotels You Can Stay In



Park Hyatt Tokyo / andrewharper.com

Some hotels, whether really existing or CGIed onto the screen, play starring roles in movies, only to become illustrious celebrities of their own. The film industry has always been inspired by these luxurious resorts, which serve as the perfect backdrop for all kinds of stories—from crime to romance to slasher. Unfortunately, the striking Grand Budapest Hotel doesn’t really exist, but there are many other charming on-screen retreats that you can actually stay in to get a taste of Hollywood’s magic. Take a look below, and start saving up for your next cinematic vacation!

Number Ten: Fontainebleu, from ‘Scarface’

Do you remember Al Pacino and Steven Bauer talking, not very nicely, about girls over a coconut cocktail on the beachfront? The entire scene was shot on the pool area of the Fontainebleu hotel, in Miami—a top luxury resort for tourists and location scouts alike. The hotel has also made an appearance in Goldfinger, The Sopranos, The Bodyguard and The Specialist, among others.

Number Nine: Hitching Post Motel, from ‘Fargo’

An otherwise unremarkable road motel made famous by yet another Coen brothers’ masterpiece. The Hitching Post Motel is located in cold, snowy Minnesota. In the sequence, Jerry Lundegaard tries to escape from the police, in his underwear, through the bathroom window of his room. The Hitching Post, a very modest and low-priced remote lodge, is a popular destination for cinephiles and devoted Coen enthusiasts.

Number Eight: The Chateau Marmont, from ‘Somewhere’

The iconic Cheteau Marmont, located in LA’s equally iconic Sunset Boulevard, has been Hollywood’s celebrity hotel of choice for over eight decades. It has appeared in several movies and TV shows (as well as a bunch of TMZ videos,) but it finally made its leading debut in 2010 in Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere, starring Stephen Dorff and the young and talented Elle Fanning.

Number Seven: The Regent Beverly Wilshire from ‘Pretty Woman’

Close to the Chateu Marmont is Pretty Woman’s Italian neo-classic hotel, the Regent Beverly Wilshire, which is located just a mere 10-minute drive from Sunset Blvd. Now a Four Seasons-managed hotel, The Beverly Wilshire has been home to many A-listers, such as Elvis Presley and John Lennon, and has been the setting of several entertainment productions over the years—how to forget Julia Roberts walking on Carrera marble in her outstanding red opera gown?  We could live like that.

Number Six: Caesar’s Palace, from ‘The Hangover’

Rather than just a location, Caesar’s Palace is, essentially, another character in Todd Phillip’s top-rated comedy. Hilarity unfolds in this Las Vegas hotel and casino as a group of friends get blackout drunk and one of them goes missing right before his wedding. The impressive Roman-inspired resort has become one of Las Vegas’ most notorious landmarks.

Number Five: Millennium Biltmore Hotel, from ‘Ghostbusters’

When we talk about cinematic hotels, we have to mention the Millennium Biltmore. It should perhaps deserve its own IMDb page, since the Biltmore has appeared in over 50 productions! Located in downtown Los Angeles, it used to host the Academy Awards until the ceremony was moved to the Chinese Theatre in 1944. Some of the most iconic movies filmed on its interiors and exteriors include Ghostbusters, Spider-man, Independence Day and Heat.

Number Four: The Regal Motel and Plaza Hotel, from ‘No Country for Old Men’

The Regal Motel, located in New Mexico’s town of Las Vegas, is a much more affordable housing option for the film noir aficionados. The motel was featured in No Country for Old Men—specifically, the scene in which Josh Brolin hides a briefcase full of money inside a ventilation duct. The action moves on, then, to the Plaza Hotel, located in the same village.

Number Three: The Plaza Hotel, from ‘Home Alone 2: Lost in New York’

If you are not one for cheap motels and would rather spend a fortune on hyper-opulent room service, then you might want to upgrade to the iconic Plaza Hotel, in New York Cityjust a pedestrian crossing from Central Park. We will never forget sassy, little Kevin McCallister getting pigged out on ice cream and teasing the bellhop in his Plaza room.
“What kind of idiots do you have working here?”
“The finest in New York!”

Number Two: The Timberline Lodge, from ‘The Shining’

Fear not: there are no ghosts or murderers in this hotel (as far as we are concerned,) because the Timberline Lodge only served as the exterior backdrop for The Shining’s Overlook Hotel. All interior scenes were filmed at Elstree Studios, in the UK, and a nonexistent room number (#237) was featured so as to not scare future hotel guests. The Timberline Lodge, located in Oregon’s Mount Hood, attracts over two million visitors every year!

Number One: Park Hyatt Tokyo, from ‘Lost in Translation’

Tokyo’s Park Hyatt plays a key role in Sofia Coppola’s masterwork Lost in Translation like nothing we have ever seen before. Located 700ft above the ground, with a panoramic view of Tokyo’s stunning skyline, the Park Hyatt is one of the best-rated hotels worldwide. Take a dip in its red granite indoor swimming pool overviewing the city, just like Scarlett Johansson does in the movie. If you’re extra lucky, maybe you will even meet your very own Bill Murray! Thanks for reading!

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