Top 10 Facts to Make You Rethink Life (Part 2)



If part one of our facts to make you rethink life sent your head spinning, wait until you see part two! We have more unbelievable facts about the shocking origin of the modern chainsaw, the truth about Oreos, and a combustible fact about how we make fire! Check it out for yourself below.

Number Five: Chainsaws were Originally Made to Birth Babies. Oddly enough, the first design for a chainsaw was meant to help the process of childbirth. The first model was a surgical tool from the 1800’s designed for the intention of dissecting limbs and symphysiotomy. A symphysiotomy is a medical procedure in which pubic cartilage is removed from a body in order to widen the pelvis of a mother in labor.

Number Four: Oreos were Once Hydroxes. The cookie you now know and love is actually just a rip-off of the original chocolate sandwich cookie, Hydrox. Also, if you took every Oreo that Nabisco has ever produced (with the help from some Double Stuffed), you could reach the moon and back five times over.

Number Three: It Would Cost Over $3 Million to Build an iPhone in 1991. To buy all of the necessary parts to build an iPhone twenty-five years ago, it would be priced at an estimated value of three and a half million dollars. The technology in smartphones is so advanced, that it has more computing potential than the computers responsible for the Apollo moon landing.

Number Two: Your Hair Could Lift Tons. Oddly enough, a complete and full head of hair has the potential strength to withstand twelve metric tons of pressure. Growing at about one centimeter each month per strand, a single head could grow about ten miles of the strongest substance in your body every year.

Number One: Lighters Came Before Matches. Contrary to common belief, lighters were used as early as the sixteenth century. The first lighter was a converted flintlock pistol. The first match didn’t emerge until the year 1826 when a man by the name of John Walker finally set fire to the invention of matches. So yes, lighters were invented before matches.

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