Top 10 Facts to Make You Rethink Life (Part 1)



It is always fun to boost your knowledge with some little-known facts, and we have some that are sure to blow your mind. Even if these facts are common knowledge or maybe you just already knew them, have you really thought about them? Some of these may just catch you by surprise, and cause you to start rethinking your whole life.

Number Ten: Cards Can Never be Shuffled the Same Way Twice. Or theoretically, it is highly improbable that a deck of cards will ever be shuffled the same way twice. Though there are only fifty-two cards in your deck, there are more shuffling possibilities for a single deck of cards than there are atoms on the planet earth. About eighty unvigintillion times, to be exact.

Number Nine: Not All Kings have Mustaches. Following the theme of playing cards, you might notice that all of the Kings in your deck have mustaches. That is, all of them except for one. The King of Hearts is the only one that does not have a mustache.

Number Eight: A Pencil can Draw for 35 Miles. That’s right, a single pencil has enough graphite to give a pencil the potential to draw a line that is thirty-five miles long. The question is, do you have the patience to try it out? One could only imagine the writer’s cramp you might get from such a feat.

Number Seven: A Sheet of Paper Has Limited Folding Power. An average, eight and a half by eleven-inch piece of paper can only be folded in half a maximum of seven times. In theory, if you could keep folding it, on your 42nd fold you would reach the moon.

Number Six: There Are About 850 Peanuts in a Jar of Peanut Butter. First of all, they aren’t actually nuts; peanuts are actually legumes (in disguise). For an average jar of peanut butter, it takes about 850 of those little legumes to fill it up. Here is a challenge: do the math and find out how many peanuts are in the average peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Food for thought. Stay tuned for part two of this list, coming soon!

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