10 Examples of Reading Rooms that are a Book Lover’s Dream



“Literature was a game of skill, and skill meant courage, and courage meant honour, and honour meant passion, meant life.” (James, Henry. The Figure in the Carpet)


As the quote says, literature is every book lover’s life. We, the literature lovers, are not just fascinated by literature, it is more than just an activity for us; this is an experience, an adventure that we take while we explore the streets of Diagon Alley, a journey that we make to seek the One Ring, a path that we embark upon to cross the “shadow lines” and the emotional roller coaster we feel as we read Spider-man: Blue. Yes, literature is not just a noun or a fun-activity for the literary enthusiasts; for the ardent book lovers, this is a pivotal element of their life, and fair to say, it deserves an equally incredible treatment, as we give to our adored collection.

So given below is a list of creative reading room designs/ideas, that you could incorporate into your abode, so as to make that journey even more beautiful, and let’s just say, a journey even more mystifying than as was made by Piscine Patel (wildlife and nature’s peril not included)!

10. Seated by the Window


Imagine sitting beside a large window (such as the one shown in the photograph), sipping at your favourite tea/coffee/mocha/hot chocolate (let’s just say your favourite beverage, shall we?) and reading your favourite book (or a new book), all the while being surrounded by the myriads of books that you have in your collection. Sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it?

This idea is perfect for those who have a large library to boast of, who enjoy the pleasure of reading and who have a penchant for nature. Nothing beats the pleasure of reading your favourite book while the drop of rain hit the window pane by your side and you get to sip at your tea side by side. Not only will such a room add to the existing elegance of your house, it will also provide you a haven and intensify your joy of reading. And if you wish, you can even add some furniture and make it a guest room. It is never wrong to display your vast book collection.

9. The Wall


No, we do not wish to advertise about A Song of Ice and Fire, rather, here’s a design for all the literature lovers that will certainly give them a reason to redecorate. You could cover an entire wall with shelves upon which you can store all of your books, which will save you space that would have otherwise been used by large or multiple bookshelves. Further, the design will accentuate the beauty of your decor, as the shelves could be painted white to make the interior softer, or make it a seating room, which will give you reason enough to showcase all of your collection. This design is an ideal choice for those who wish to keep adding to their collection and fret over the issue of space, because trust us, after some investment, this design is bound to give your reading room a literary touch and influence, while also, save a lot of space.

8. Deck(-orate) the Halls


If you do not have large rooms but have one big, cosy drawing/living room, along with a huge collection of books, this should be your typical choice for a design. You could line up your drawing room with various bookshelves or make one big wall into one, while keeping the rest of the room as a drawing room. Any person who visits your house is bound to sit in the drawing/living room and this could be your chance to showcase your creative skills. Not only will this design present your creativity and your love for reading, but it is also expressive of the priority you give to your books. Drawing room is one of the most comfortable rooms in a house; why not make it into a reading room? Sure, you might be deserved every once in a while but if we look at it from another perspective, making your lobbies/halls/drawing room into a reading room(s), will give you ample space to store your books and provide you with all the comforts of reading.

7. Rearrange those Bookshelves


Considering that many of us have already got bookshelves at our house and do not wish to do away with them so easily; then what should be the solution? Easy, rearrange them so as to create an impact of a much wider space than there actually is and put beside them two arm chairs or grandfather chairs, and give the entire room a rustic look. Remember the times of Sherlock Holmes or the eighteenth-century British society? They loved their books and they knew how to keep them. This idea is somewhat inspired by that tradition. The opposite facing bookshelves will convey your ardour for literature/reading and concurrently, give the place (or a corner, because that’s the beauty of this design) an antiquated ambience.

Literature lovers ought to love this!

6. Surround Thyself!


This is something that every book lover will resonate with. What’s better than to surround yourself with a plethora of books and having the joy to read while being in the helix of it? Book lovers, this is your time to get all emotional and sentimental about your books and take that reading experience to the next level, because this is Bruce Wayne level. We are talking about a room, dedicated entirely to books and reading. If you have got an ardent love for your collection, love to read in silence, wish to immerse yourself completely in the world of literature and if you enjoy the pleasure of possessing bookshelves, this should be your perfect solution. Make your reading room your library (or study), put just the furniture that is enough for you and let literature overwhelm you. It keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it?

5. The Passage


So let’s just consider for a while that you do not have enough space in one room and it is okay for you to be done away with the bookshelves. What to do then? You could go for this idea. Design your room in such a way so as to give to make up space for shelved to be put up on the walls and for some shelves to go up over the space above the door. Yes, it is cool! Almost every book lover must have read one book about an enchanting passage and probably loved it. Well, this could be your chance to make that passage your own and to give your reading room, the inspiration it has always needed. Fantasy lovers, eighteenth/nineteenth century lovers and the lovers of the literature of the old American texts are bound to fall in love with this. Your books will be readily accessible, the design will fortify the elegance of your room and your reading experience will be multiplied a hundred times for this. Just close your eyes and as John Lennon said imagine. Love it, don’t you?

4. Subtlety at its Best


This idea is ideal for those who do not wish to make their collection readily conspicuous and long to store their collection in a neat, chic manner. A reading room must have shelves and you could line up your books underneath them. The shelves could be used for their usual purposes and even decorated by merchandise inspired by your favourite pieces of literature. The books are easily accessible, stored in a subtle manner and what’s more, your reading room will certainly have a different appeal, for you will be going different from the others: you will not showcasing your books in an apparent manner, you will be highlighting your collection in a suave manner.

3. In Case of a Deficiency of Space


Not all of us have huge Victorian houses to be lined up with humongous bookshelves and/or walls to be decked with them. This design is perfect for those who lack space at their house and provides an easy way to make your reading room the best room for you. The key point to be noted here is that in such a design, your reading room is decorated with just a compact bookshelf that you could place at the corner or the centre, and some furniture to go along with it. The top of the shelf could be decorated with artefacts of your choice and the books are easily stored. The most crucial feature though, is that you get to have a reading room for yourself, equipped with ever essential item required for a joyous reading experience and a haven for you. The beauty of this idea is that it could be used for the smallest room; all you have got to do is make space for a compact bookshelf (or maybe even walled bookshelf) and then be seated beside it to read.

2. Make it Fancy


That’s right, it is time to make your reading room fancier than ever (obviously not in a gaudy way). Make a few vertical sections of the walls of your reading room into shelves and then store books in them in an orderly fashion. Add some leather bound chairs in the room, a mahogany table (if you will) and voila, you have got yourself a reading room fancier than what most have. Although the idea sounds costly, it’s an investment we think you will be willing to pay once you are able to imagine the final result. The reading room will add to the dignity of your house, increase the pleasures of your reading experience and also, give you a completely different feel whilst reading your favourite texts. Yes, people, it is time to leave even Bruce Wayne behind and go up to the level of Tony Stark. (Wonder what T’Challa level would look like)

  1. Lastly, Go Creative


At the end of the day, it is your reading room and it should be a work done by your from your heart. So why not go for something that inspired you or that has influenced you? Similarly, why not go for something that is creative and pleasantly contorted? This idea if for all the book lovers who love to show their artistic side, who love to present to the world their varied collection of books and who love their reading rooms more than any other room. You can use a shelf as is shown in the photograph and give the room a creative edge or you could put up a poster/wallpaper on the wall inspired by your favourite text. Go for this design if you wish to display not just your books but also your literary side. Lastly, go for this idea if a reading room for you is akin to the best abode in the world.



So there you go, ten creative ideas for your much loved reading room. We take your reading experience seriously and we know it an important thing for you, and we hope these ideas are able to help you in making your reading experience even better than before.

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