Selena Gomez is a multi-talented superstar. The 23-year-old has grown considerably since her time with Disney, and she has been linked to many famous stars, both romantically and as friends. Despite her time in the public eye, there are still some facts about the singer that many people do not know. Here, we present our list of 15 things you probably didn’t know about Selena Gomez. Check out part one below, and stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

Number Fifteen: She Is Finally Coming to Terms With Her Sexuality. In an interview Gomez did for Elle in October of this year, she said that she has been getting catcalled a lot more now than she used to. She said, “It used to not be cool to think I was hot. I was a Disney Kid.”

Number Fourteen: She Is BFF With Taylor Swift. The two admire each other for being independent and pursuing their own creative endeavors. Swift has said, “Selena is an interesting blend of this childlike excitement and curiosity, mixed with the aura of a very seasoned adult who has been through a lot.”

Number Thirteen: Paul Rudd Admires Her Acting Abilities. Rudd has said that she knows exactly when to pause when she acts. He said that she is extremely intelligent and truly knows how to emote a character.

Number Twelve: She Made Out With James Franco. In fact, she made out with the star more than seven times. For a scene in the movie In Dubious Battle, she was his costar and also the director. To tease her, he made her reshoot a makeout scene over and over. She mentioned that he is a good kisser.

Number Eleven: There Are a Lot of Misinformed Tabloids. When Gomez blew up as a star, tabloids began printing many false things about her. From rumors that she was pregnant to rumors that she had spun out of control, not a single headline was true.

Number Ten: She Had a Rough Childhood. Gomez grew up with her mother in a rough neighborhood in Los Angeles. She even admitted that at times, she couldn’t leave her home because it was so dangerous.

Number Nine: She Had to Fire Her Mom. Gomez recently hired a new manager, and so she had to let her mom go. Her mom had been her manager up until that point, but she knew that she wanted to make decisions more independently.