The wonderful world of braids is evident everywhere you look today. No matter where you look, females from all backgrounds and ethnicities are seen enjoying various braided hairstyles. If you need inspiration, look no further than Pinterest or YouTube which boast numerous videos on the latest braid trends. For example, the waterfall braid is one that makes a bold statement and helps a person express their individuality. Braids are so versatile and fun you can run off with your imagination when styling. Here, we present some reasons why braids stand the test of time in the fashion world.

Modern brides are delighted to embrace the braid trend and incorporate elegant looks on their big day. The fishtail braid is a favorite among brides adorned with flowers or jewelry, leaving no doubt as to who the star of the day is! Sometimes the whole wedding party has braided hair to fulfill the bride’s wishes.

Hair is a valuable accessory, very much like a handbag or shoes. Many women see hair as an extension of themselves, their crowning glory. Braided hair plays a huge role in today’s society and comes in a variety of colors, lengths, and styles. The confidence that comes with wearing fabulously braided hair is priceless. Your whole appearance can change dramatically with the addition of extensions braided in your hair.

Personally, I prefer to have my hair braided throughout most of the year because it makes life much simpler. I find myself on the treadmill four times a week running enthusiastically while listening to Pandora, and this means my hair gets pretty sweaty quickly. Braids allow me the freedom to exercise without having to worry about maintaining a neat appearance. I can wash the braids frequently and start off the day rocking different hairstyles that reflect my uniqueness.

Braids are so trendy and keep your overall look updated effortlessly. Simply adding a few cornrows on the sides of your hair can give you a mohawk and a more sophisticated look. Every female deserves to explore the limitless possibilities that come with braiding hair.

The next time you feel uninspired by your look, dare to try something completely different like braids. You will be surprised by how much you love your new look and, of course, you might even make heads turn.