Bloomingdale’s has been a household name in shopping for generations, but how prepared are you really when you walk into this department store. It may sound a little crazy, but shopping at this wildly popular destination can be chaotic (as you may have already learned). Don’t worry – we are here to supply you with all of the secrets that every shopper should know when walking through the doors at Bloomingdale’s!

Number Eight: Getting Your Money’s Worth

Most shoppers have dealt with the pain of purchasing an item, only to watch it go on sale the very next week! If you are familiar with this problem, did you know that you might be able to get the extra money back? Bloomingdale’s, as well as a lot of big retailers, will often give you your money back within two weeks of purchase, as long as you kept your receipt (and know your way around the sweet-talk). Works with newly-released coupons, too!

Number Seven: Befriend the Clerks

Being friendly with your cashier is always beneficial. If one, in particular, seems like they could be your new best friend, you might want to get in on that. Become a regular shopper so they can get to know you, and ask about any special discounts, new shipments, or coming markdowns and sales on items you have had your eye on.

Number Six: Bloomingdale’s Loyallist Card

If you are a regular shopper, you will definitely benefit from signing up for a Bloomingdale’s Loyallist card. With this membership, you will reap the benefits of free shipping, free gift wrapping, a birthday gift, a free meal for every $100 spent at the store, and points perks. You get four points for every dollar you spend, double points on beauty products, and triple points on any big spending day of your choice; with all of these points, you will earn a $25 gift card for every 5,000 you receive.

Number Five: Sign Up for the Emails

If you haven’t yet discovered the benefits of joining email clubs, allow us to enlighten you. Sure, it may clutter up your inbox more than necessary, but if you are a regular shopper here then you will love being on the inside. This particular email club fills you in on the newest arrivals to the store, gives you exclusive coupons and offers you can’t get anywhere else, and even gives you 10% off of the first order you make online.

Number Four: Head for the Outlets

If you have never ventured to the Bloomingdale’s Outlet, you have to try it right now. They offer all of the great brands and products available at your normal store, but with one difference: they are all so cheap! It really is worth it!

Number Three: Play the Social Media Game

If you thought joining the email club was helpful, just wait until you start following Bloomingdale’s on social media. By following the store on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, you can have access to exclusive coupons, sneak peaks, and even a heads up on special events (including celebrity appearances!).

Number Two: Go to the Root of the Product

Bloomingdale’s is renowned for selling a myriad of smaller brands within their stores’ parameters, but it may be more beneficial to go straight to the original brand. When you see an item you like, remember the brand and try searching it online. You will probably find the same product, but without the retail markup!

Number One: Start Online, End in Store

Shopping online can be annoying when it comes to shipping and credit info, but there is a secret to online shopping done right. When you find a product you like online, don’t even bother searching for it in the chaotic store- just have it shipped there. This can be especially helpful if saving money is your game because there are tons of offers, coupons, and discounts that are available solely online. We hope you liked discovering our eight secrets that every Bloomingdale’s shopper should know!