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Ariana Grande is one talented singer. The girl has impressed everyone with her spot-on celebrity singing impersonations and has sung with some of the most talented singers still alive today. However, there’s still a lot you don’t know about this sassy celeb. Here are the top eight most common misconceptions believed about Ariana Grande.

Number Eight: All That Hair Is Hers

Contrary to popular belief, that lengthy, luscious signature ponytail that Ariana often rocks is not her real hair. She uses extensions and wigs to change up her look and add some much needed volume and length to her own hair.

Number Seven: Ariana Grande Is Tall

If you’ve only seen her in music videos or performing on TV, you probably aren’t aware of just how teeny tiny Ariana Grande actually is. She might be the shortest celebrity of them all at only 5’0″. Grande likes to wear platform heels to give her a much needed boost for awards shows and public appearances.

Number Six: She Doesn’t Have A Supportive Family

Ariana Grande is all about her family. Sure, her mom is busy running her own company, but that doesn’t mean she’s not super supportive of her daughter. Plus, older brother Frankie can often be seen on Ariana’s Snapchat and Instagram showering his lil sis with love and admiration.

Number Five: She Dumped Big Sean For Cheating

Not long ago, Ariana was best known for being the better half in her relationship with rapper Big Sean. When their lovey-dovey relationship was suddenly ended, many fans were left asking why and pointing the finger at Big Sean for infidelity. But the real reason for the split was due to a lack of respect for Ariana due to some seriously degrading lyrics he wrote about her and put in one of his songs. Turns out Ariana’s grandma heard it and was not pleased.

Number Four: Ariana Grande Hates Americans/America

Ariana recently ruffled a few feathers when she was caught on camera licking doughnuts at a doughnut shop and saying she hates Americans and America. She later went on to apologize for her behavior and clarify that really she just hates the way Americans eat and the lack of thought that goes into what we consume and the dangerous health effects that result from eating foods like doughnuts.

Number Three: Ariana Grande Eats Meat

Ariana is anything but a meat-eater. The proud vegan credits her insane body and metabolism to her vegan lifestyle. She really makes you consider if going vegan is worth it, but honestly bacon tastes better than skinny feels, right??

Number Two: She Must Be Carried Around Like A Baby Everywhere

For a seriously long time there was a rumor circulating that Ariana Grande insisted she be carried around like a baby wherever she went. A few funny photos of her being carried started circulating, giving the rumor the validation it needed. But Ariana quickly clarified that the photos were a joke and that she is fully capable of walking on her own legs.

Number One: She’s A Diva

As a strong, female singer, it wasn’t long before Ariana was labeled a serious diva. Instead of balking from the word, she actually embraced it saying she liked being thought of as a diva in the correct definition of the word. However, if people were misinterpreting diva for a b*tch, then they had it all wrong because she is anything but.

Love her or hate her, Ariana Grande is killing the pop charts and looks like she has some serious staying power. Hopefully bringing these misconceptions to light has shown you the real Ariana.